Through our exposure over the years to the tuning of VAG engines, in search of improved performance, we have developed a number of our own products enabling this evolution to take place.

JMR G60 Toothed Belt Drive System

One of the first products we developed is the toothed belt drive system for the G60 supercharged PG/1H engines.

These pulleys were manufactured from hard anodized, high grade aluminium and cut with 8mm HTD tooth form. These pulleys enabled us to reduce belt tension and increase the efficiency of the belt drive system. Therefore, alternator and water pump bearing life was extended and belt slip was eliminated at the supercharger.

We are still able to supply these pulleys, but due to diminishing number of G60 powered vehicles and decreased demand we no longer carry these as stock items. We can however initiate orders, but we will require a minimum quantity of ten sets to be ordered. Enquiries welcome.


JMR Brake Carrier Adapters

As development of our engines progressed the need for braking improvements was required.

To allow larger diameter discs to be used adapters need to be fitted to move the brake caliper carriers further out from their original mountings.

At JMR we are able to design the adapters along with big brake upgrade packages in house to suit your application.