G60 & G40 superchargers rebuilds

A JMR Rebuild Only Service

£395 + VAT

A JMR Stage 4 Rebuild Service

£495 + VAT

Every month we complete numerous G60 and occasionally G40 Supercharger rebuilds, for our customers.

The photos above are a pair of G60 chargers, one early 1989 unit from a Golf Rallye, the other a much later 1992 unit from a Corrado G60. Both of these units were rebuilt by us, to our Stage 4 ported specification.

Every rebuild proposition coming in to our workshops goes through a set process.

  1. The unit is stripped and inspected to ensure it is in suitable condition to be rebuilt. Sadly these days we see a number of units that are too far gone.
  2. every part is cleaned and exterior of outer casings are blast cleaned to remove old paint and oxidisation. The outer casings are then powder coated with clear coat, to give a OEM like finish.
  3. the outer casings and displacer are fitted with new bearings, oil seals and Apex seals. At JMR we use the highest grade and quality products to rebuild these superchargers, to further detail, the oil seals are double lipped Viton specification, we use alternative composition Apex seals which reduce charger contact face wear, our bearings are high quality RS high speed specification. All of which is making use of improved current technology, to extend service life and enhance function.
  4. charger is re-assembled, to include internal HI-Tef pre-lube, new casing bolts, and a wider displacer drive belt. If supplied with the unit, we also refurbish the main 6PK drive pulley.
  5. rebuilt charger is either then refitted to the customers vehicle, or packaged thoroughly and returned via next day courier service to our customer. All G60 courier returns are covered by insurance up to value of £800, that said, we have never in over 13years ever had a charger lost in transit.

We recommend that G60 superchargers are rebuilt every 3 years or 30K miles whichever is the sooner, so every 3 years in reality. The period between rebuilds was once greater, however, these units have much more internal wear and fatigue, with many of them being 30 years old now and mire frequent maintenance is required to extend remaining service life.

We further recommend, that if a G charged engine has been standing, unused to the greater part for many years, then this charger too will require rebuild, as part of any recommissioning works prior to regular use.

To further discuss your G60 or G40 supercharger rebuild works, we welcome your call 01903 718684.

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