Troy’s Corrado RWD 16vG60

With John’s build taking the turbo route I wanted to keep a slight homage to the G60 but go for a power output upgrade but stay supercharged, however as ideas for my build have developed I’ve realised that this will not be a possibility.

Looking at John’s engine build – given that we are going to run the same intake system – I’ve realised that there will be no room for a charger. So I will also be developing a turbo engine.

The shell was purchased from a friend who was re-building the car but couldn’t complete the project. Works to date include a full bare metal paint strip, entire under side of vehicle re-coated in new under sealer and stone chip, removed scuttle tray lip, lightly smoothed engine bay.

The brief:

High end motorsport build for track and road use fitted with a rear roll cage, built to fit steering column and floor mounted pedal box. Polycarbonate door windows, rear quarter windows and rear screen replacements and carbon fibre replacement body panels to reduce weight.

The car as it stands now.


The plan though, is to produce a rather different Corrado. The aim of my build is to produce a very well balanced, lightweight vehicle that has a high power to weight ratio. I have taken over a year to deliberate with myself what trim levels and drivetrain I wanted to incorporate into the build and I have set myself a challenge. I always wondered what a rear wheel drive Corrado would be like to drive, so I’m going to build one so I can find out.

This means fitting an engine and gearbox in a longitudinal arrangement, a prop down the middle, a differential at the back and a fully independent suspension system in the rear of the vehicle. This will require all new sub-frames to developed and manufactured to house the newly located engine and drive components, the original fuel tank will have to go to make room for the rear differential and an ATL fuel cell will take its place in the boot area.

I came to the conclusion that I was not going to meet my weight target with any form of interior, given that this will not be a daily car of any kind, I can live with the extra noise that is to be expected when all of the trim is removed.

I will update this page as ideas develop and parts start to make their way onto the car.