John’s Corrado 16vT

History Outline Of G60 PJM

Bought back in 1993 a standard Corrado G60 and one of the first imported into the UK. Registered in 1991 and finished in the rare Inca Blue, and at the time I purchased it with just 19K miles, I could not resist it had to be mine. Since then my Corrado has had many changes starting with progressive tuning to the original 8V PG engine, on to development of my first 16VG60 1900cc engine. A further three 16VG60 engines were planted into the car, the last of which a 2.0 litre 300bhp which has been removed to make way for the latest engine.

There have been many sources of inspiration to compliment my own brand of engineering, but the enduring theme has always been the Porsche 968 Clubsport, and this again holds true in these latest works. The build outline is to modify the chassis, transmission and running gear to permanent all wheel drive, utilising Quattro 6 speed transmission and driveline. We will be developing our own self locking centre diff in preference to the more commonly adopted Haldex system. The reason for AWD becomes clear with the inclusion of the new engine, a 2.0 litre 16V turbo, using the latest Garrett GTX turbo, Jenvey throttle bodies, Omex 710 management, and of course a healthy portion of JMR ingenuity. The target output of this new engine is circa 500 BHP which should make for a very entertaining drive! Included within this build program is a total bare metal re-spray, a new carbon fibre roof panel, and the all new carbon fibre tailgate. Given that my Corrado aid already equipped with a full carbon fibre bonnet, with the addition of these latest composite panels there will be a major weight reduction from the top of the chassis ergo lowering the centre of gravity.

There are many more detail modifications planned to compliment this build, in addition to this outline introduction. We hope you will enjoy watching this build progress as we move toward the target completion date in March 2014.

The car as she was in 1993 still in standard form.

corrado 1993 2

corrado 1993

corrado 1993 3

Below is the car at one of her last meets at Brooklands, running the fourth and final generation of the supercharged engine.

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After the Stanford hall meet in June 2013 the car came off the road and was prepared for works to commence at our body shop R.W. Masters

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