Four Wheel Alignment

JMR Ltd are very pleased to announce that as of September 2014 we will be able to offer our customers the benefit of our all new in-house four wheel alignment facilities. This investment in the latest specification wheel alignment system, works directly with our pre-existing involvement with KW Suspension products and our daily working requirement for wheel alignment correction, post works on customers cars.

Wheel alignment is a regular requirement to be checked and adjusted, following works involving fitment of new tyres, fitment of suspension and running gear components, diagnosing tyre wear issues and checking vehicle chassis' for accident damage. We recommend that wheel alignment be checked ideally every six months, especially considering the state of our UK road system. Kept in check, correctly adjusted wheel alignment will extend vehicle tyre life, improve fuel economy and enhance vehicle handling and safety.

Please enquire for a quote, for JMR to check and adjust your vehicle's wheel alignment.