Customer Projects

JMR Customer Projects


Over the years we have completed many different projects and builds for a large number of customers.

From full bare shell rebuilds to race and rally preparation we have a varied portfolio of completed works some of which can be seen below.

Toby's Golf Mk1 Cabriolet Sportline G60

Toby's sportline came to us after a long journey from the north of England where it had been with another specialist, the car was half complete and no where near being out on a sunny day with the top down. Our brief was to bring the vehicle to running condition and MOT standard as a first phase of work.

Toby wanted his cabriolet to be a combination of two things, a fun car to drive on a good summers day with the ability to enjoy the extra power offered by the G60 powerplant.

Sporting a G60 engine, a JMR stage 4 G-lader and lightened flywheel Toby's sportline came to life after some work to complete the wiring harnesses and power supply system for the Digifant ECU. We installed a stand-alone fuse and relay box in the cabin of the car to keep the power circuits for the ECU separate from the original fuse plate that supplies the interior looms. We always bind our looms with cloth tape as it looks OE and more visually appealing than heat-shrinking the entire loom but also protects the wiring well. Toby wanted a very smooth look to the engine bay so a small racing battery cell was fitted into the scuttle area, these batteries are excellent as they weigh a lot less than a conventional battery and can still produce enough cranking amps to easily start the engine in quick succession. Jump starting a vehicle with these batteries becomes a slight issue as the terminals are very small and with Toby's installed in the scuttle, we fitted an in-line jump start post in the engine bay on the main positive feed to the starter motor.

A front/rear bias adjustable pedal box had already been fitted into the chassis, this set up utilises separate master cylinders for the front and rear brake hydraulic circuits. It also allows for a great upgrade in a Mk1 chassis over standard, which is to install a hydraulic master cylinder for clutch actuation. This offers many advantages over using a cable actuated clutch and is a very worth while modification. The plumbing that had been installed in Toby's cabriolet required work to complete the system and make it useable. We ran new braided pressure lines from the master cylinders to bulkhead fittings from which we plumbed hard Kunifer brake pipe out to short flexible sections where required at the four corners. A set of reservoir pots had been placed in the scuttle area, however thought had not been taken by the specialist that was charged with its installation in regards to the operation of the wiper linkage. The linkage interfered with the reservoirs and left uncorrected would have caused major damage to them. We took this opportunity to fit a more compact reservoir from Tilton which fitted much more appropriately and allowed the wiper linkage to operate without impedance. 

The original soft top was tired and in need of replacement, so Toby commissioned us with the fitment of a new hood which saw the exterior appearance of the car refreshed also.

With stage one of works completed, the car has been returned to Toby to run the engine in before a mapping session later this year. When the vehicle returns we will be continuing works to bring the interior of the car up to the same standard as the rest of the build.

Greig's Golf Mk1 GTi 16vG60

Greig's Mk1 Gti had already had a PB engine conversion in its past but couldn't resist going further and commissioning one of  our 16vG60 packages.

For Greig's car the brief was a hot hatch that had to look OEM+ to suit the style he had already built into his classic Mk1. The colour scheme of black and red was decided on to match the iconic GTi black grill and its red detailing, to achieve this we settled on a black wrinkle finish for the valve cover and inlet manifold with red highlights such as the Nology HT leads.

Using our signature 2.oL 16v base engine build and a nicely ported Stage 4 G-lader Greig's engine will be producing a minimum horsepower of 240 during the run in phase and close to 270 after a mapping session, in a chassis as light as the Mk1 Golf paired with KW Variant 2 coilover units it will certainly be a hot hatch to be reckoned with.

David's Corrado VR6 restoration.

This Corrado has had one owner from new and has been used daily for most of its life. David brought his Corrado to us as it deserved of a lot of attention after serving him so well for many years.

After an initial inspection we decided that the car would benefit from a major over haul of the suspension components at both the front and rear of the vehicle. This involved removal of both the front sub-frame and rear torsion beam which were shot blasted and powder coated to bring them back to life and protect them from future corrosion. Replacement coilover suspension units from AP suspensions was chosen to take over from the old worn spring and damper set up that was originally fitted to the car.

New brake lines were made from kunifer pipe where required, we make our brake lines from kunifer rather than copper as it has greater resistance to corrosion and forms much better straight sections and bends.

Re-plated fixings were used throughout the re-build of David's Corrado. We always use refreshed hardware in restoration projects as there's nothing worse than freshly powder coated or painted parts held together with rusty or corroded fixings!

David wanted the entire underside of the car and engine bay steam cleaned whilst we had the sub-frames away for powder coating and we had the perfect opportunity to do this whilst we had the car on our chassis dolly. To give the underside of David's car the best chance of surviving another twenty plus years, we re-coated any broken underbody vinyl with fresh layers and then treated it with wax spray to seal it once it was back on the lift in the workshop.

With the car being red in colour we turned our attention to the body work as there were large portions that had faded with exposure to ultraviolet light over the years. Unfortunately the front and rear bumpers were beyond saving and were removed and re-painted. The bonnet, both sides and the tailgate of David's Corrado were able to be machine polished back and looked in much better order once the oxidation had been removed. Add the refurbished wheels to the rest of the bodywork and the car looked excellent from the outside once more.

The inside had to look just as good, a replacement good quality leather interior set was sourced to replace the tired original cloth interior. The replacement required minor repairs to the leather which we carried out and with a good clean and treatment with leather balm looked just as fresh as the re-finished exterior.

With everything bolted back together, the suspension aligned on our four wheel alignment rig and a good coat of wax, we presented David with his Corrado looking better than the day it left the showroom (We are quoting David himself!)