The Corrado 25th Anniversary

I thought I’d put up some of the pictures that I took whilst on the way to Stanford Hall for the 25th anniversary of the Corrado. We set out early in John’s car to meet a convoy group (of which we lost half 😛 ) just off the A1 at Premier Inn Luton South.

A good group showed to our rather last minute meeting point, we had around 15 cars going up the A1 until John had decided he wanted to pick up the pace a little.

The show itself was a great day and with amazing turn out of at least 50 Corrados there was no lack of discussion over VW’s truly amazing coupe!

CNV00003CNV00001  CNV00012 CNV00018 CNV00021 CNV00024 CNV00025 CNV00027 CNV00028 CNV00029 CNV00031 CNV00033 CNV00034 CNV00036 mist

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