Bespoke Engine Builds

JMR Bespoke Engine Builds

Over the years we have built many engines for customers with a large range of requirements.

From all out race engines, to fast road and reliable, we can use our many years of experience to assemble an engine that performs to your standards and expectations.

Our signature engine build is the two litre sixteen valve G60 supercharged engine (16vG60) which we have been developing since the early 1990's. This engine never existed in a standard form outside of the Golf G60 Limited that was produced by Volkswagen Motorsport. The VW:MS design placed the alternator at the back of the engine, a less than ideal situation. With the introduction of custom fabricated brackets and design improvements over the years, our 16VG60 builds have refined the package and makes for a much more pleasant installation.

Please see below some examples of our engine builds.




Our in-house specialty, the 16vG60.

  • 2 Liter 16 valve base engine
  • G60 G-lader supercharger
  • Low compression pistons
  • Gas flowed and ported cylinder head
  • JMR crank case and cylinder head breather system
  • Lightened and balanced flywheel
  • Baffled aluminum sump pan and windage tray
  • Modified G-Lader/alternator mounting bracket

Our 16vG60 engines produce anywhere between 240 to 300 Bhp depending on specification and supporting equipment.

This engine produces excellent power and torque from very low in the rev range due to the G-lader supercharger.

When built to the correct specification, using lightened and balanced components where possible and our own breathing system we have seen safe engine speeds of over 7k RPM. Our breather system enables the engine to breathe by removing excess crank case pressure, this allows the engine to turn over more freely therefore increasing the acceleration possible by the engine.

The 16vG60 is the pinnacle of G-lader powered engines and we have developed the package over the years to constantly improve the performance it offers. Packaged in a lightweight vehicle such as a Mk1 Golf or even the heavier Corrado chassis it makes for a truly hot hatch or fast road coupe!

The engine now being used in our fast road Corrado.

  • 2.0 l 16v Turbo - estimated 530 BHP
  • Ported and gas flowed cylinder head
  • 55mm Throttle bodies and Jenvey plenum
  • Uprated rods and low compression pistons
  • Garrett GTX series turbo
  • JMR Dry sump oil system
  • Motorsport lightened flywheel and clutch
  • Electric water pump
  • Coil-on-plug ignition

  Utilizing the same base block as our 16vG60 engines , this is the natural progression for higher power output as the G-lader can only move so much air due to its design limitations. 

This is an extremely high specification engine designed to remove unnecessary energy wastage from the engine to maximise engine speed, torque and power output.

To manage this engine we are using the latest Omex Technology 710 ecu which allows us to run very accurate sequential fuel injection and benefit from the advantages of coil on plug ignition. The dry sump system we are developing for this engine will use mounting brackets of our own design and fabrication, the dry sump will help us achieve our target of 530 bhp by reducing frictional losses caused by oil drag on the crank shaft.  Moving from a conventional auxiliary belt driven water pump to a stand alone electronic unit will further reduce power loss from the engine.

This engine, with larger injectors and a larger turbo is capable of much more horse power and torque, however this example has been built to a specification of reliability and useability in a fast road environment where engines with higher horsepower figures become un-drivable.